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Shopify has seen an incredible growth over the last few years and online sales are just ramping up! Merchant's needs for tools and skilled professionals to help them grow is ever growing.

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We don't just show you how to do it, but we will build real life projects together.

"This is the first course I have actually completed! Very helpful and build confidence and an actual track on where and how to start :)" - Mathew W.


Ryan O'Shea

As someone who wants to get started building Shopify apps this course has got me up and running quickly. There is a simple and accessible tech stack, the content is well structured, and I like the instructor's enthusiasm and measured approach. It is what I was looking for.

Eduardo del Corral Lira

First off the speaker has a very clear voice and steady pace. Second, I like the fact that we stick to the subject, having a comprehensive course can also be great - I suppose it's a matter of consistency - this makes it a lot faster if you have the basics down. However, he still touches on the essentials which is good to ensure a proper setup. Kudos

Mathew Wong

This is the first course I have actually completed! very helpful and build confidence and an actual track on where and how to start :)

Edward Croes

I'm more then half way into this course and I have to say its one off the best courses about Shopify, I actually bought many courses and never learned so much like in this one.. I definitely recommend this course to any one who wants to dive more in dept about shopify.

Vince Giuga

Learned a lot from this course -- even though I took another Shopify course a while back. What I really liked about your course is how you delved into Liquid (because I had no idea how to mess wit that at all before this course). I also really appreciated your unfiltered, off-the-cuff cold calls, really giving us the good, the bad, and the ugly of the freelancing biz. Thank you, I loved it. Cheers!

Kamran Rakhimov

Such a convenient way of description. Valuable information. Clear explanations. Engaging delivery. Helpful practice activities. Knowledgeable instructor.

Erik Gábor

It gives a good overview for those starting out with Shopify especially if you do it along testing out in your development store I've made the website https://eriksdev.com in the end.

Simranjeet Singh

This course definitely worth time and money for those who know basics of Shopify and prepare you to convert your learning into working. I found instructor's advice and resources really helpful. Thank you

Namra Hudaibia

Amazing Experience...


  • Why is Shopify better than other e-commerce platforms?

    Shopify is an incredibly powerful e-commerce platform that allows you to create highly customizable, professional, and robust online stores like no other platform. Shopify is currently trusted by some of the world's largest e-commerce brands due to their security, reliability, and convenience.

  • Why should I work with Shopify?

    The Shopify platform and community offers great opportunities for freelancers, developers, marketers and anyone else looking to offer services. This is due to the nature of platform. It attracts business oriented individuals looking to make money using the platform.

  • Is Shopify free?

    For this course, you will be creating a Shopify Partners account which is absolutely free. This account will give you the ability to create as many development stores as you want. After you transfer the store to your client, they will have to choose of Shopify's monthly plans.

  • Do I need to know how to code?

    We offer a variety of courses. The Shopify Expert Bootcamp is a unique course created with Developers and non-Developers in mind. While learning to code will open more doors for you down the road, you can start building for the Shopify platform without any code at all!
    The Full-Stack Shopify App Development and Theme Development using Liquid courses require that you know some coding before enrolling.

  • I already know how to create an e-commerce store, why should I take these courses?

    This course will not only teach you how to set-up professional stores ultra-fast (in hours) but also how to build and scale a business and start outsourcing your work!

  • Which course should I start with?

    If you are new to Shopify, we recommend that you start with the Shopify Expert Bootcamp. That could will cover all of the concepts that you need to know to get started. After that you can expand your knowledge with the Shopify Theme Development course and the Full-Stack App Development course which is more advanced.