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87% of Shopify entrepreneurs say they rely on apps to run their business. From experience, it is closed to 100%. The year over year growth of app installations have been growing exponentially! Which is something you want to see when you are developing a product.
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This course is taught using the latest technologies and frameworks so that you can stay up to date and in demand!
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Filip Iliescu

Prev. Software Developer at Apple Inc.

"Excellent course! Kicked off a new area to develop for me! Thanks for the great support throughout!"

    We value your time. This course is just over 5 hours of code along lectures to get you started building your own apps as quickly as possible.


    There is a huge demand for developers who understand the Shopify platform and are able to create solutions. In return you can charge a premium.


    Learn how to put together multiple technologies to get them working together properly and efficiently. All you need is JavaScript knowledge.

Course curriculum

(Over 5 hours of code along lectures)

  1. 1
    • What we'll be building

    • Introduction

    • Intro to Shopify Apps

  2. 2
    • Building App Scaffolding using Next.js and React

    • Adding scripts to run App

    • Embedding App using Ngrok and OAuth

    • Restarting Ngrok and Localhost

  3. 3
    • Installing required NPM Packages

    • Setting up Node.js (Koa) Server

    • Authenticating and Testing App

  4. 4
    • Shopify Polaris Overview

    • Install Polaris

    • Setting up an EmptyState with React and Polaris

    • Products Button Setup

  5. 5
    • Importing Koa Shopify GraphQL Proxy

    • Overview of the Shopify GraphiQL App

    • Save Product ID's

    • Creating Query using GraphiQL

  6. 6
    • Quick Apollo Overview and Installation

    • Building out the Product List

    • Polaris for Product List

  7. 7
    • Introduction to Script Tags

    • Creating, Displaying, Deleting Script tags

    • Adding Polaris to Script Page

  8. 8
    • Displaying data from Server to Front-end

    • Creating a POST endpoint

  9. 9
    • Sending Data from Shopify admin to API using Axios

    • Fetching Data from Shopify Admin

    • Overview of the Application

  10. 10
    • Displaying Products on Storefront using jQuery

  11. 11
    • Next steps

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Kenny Chung

The reason I joined this course was that there was close to no information about the Script Tag API. Imagine my immense happiness when I found this course. So far, only the part about how the Script Tag works have been worth the money. I've been spending so much of my time trying to understand it by myself but to no avail. This course really summarizes it well! Thank you for this tutorial! I will probably be revisiting some parts of it many times more!

Stephan Griesel

Great introduction to Shopify App Development. Iskandar is good instructor going through all the steps in an understanding manner. Highly recommended if you want to understand the basics to get started with Shopify App Development. One important thing to mention is that the support is really good on this course with reply in at least few hours. Thank you!

Filip Iliescu

Excellent course! Kicked off a new area to develop for me! Thanks to Iskander for the great support throughout!

Adam Curtis

The course is very good. I'm very new to most of the technologies that were used but it's given me some insight as to what I need to learn more of and also a resource to look back at how all the technologies were implemented

Eduardo del Corral Lira

First off the speaker has a very clear voice and steady pace. Second, I like the fact that we stick to the subject, having a comprehensive course can also be great - I suppose it's a matter of consistency - this makes it a lot faster if you have the basics down. However, he still touches on the essentials which is good to ensure a proper setup. Kudos

Troy Golden

I looked all over for a course on this subject. The instructor does an excellent job of explaining the material. The material is very straight-forward. I am looking forward to more material by the author. The author is very response with questions or troubleshooting the application. Thanks!